Lady, Thy Name Is Trouble Is Here!


 A fantasy adventure novel with a side of romance…


 Trouble is Tara Triannon’s middle name. As swords for hire, Tara and her sister Laraina thrive on the danger. But a surprise invasion throws them into chaos… and trouble on a whole new level. Pursued by the Butcher, a terrifying assassin more wolf than man, Tara and Laraina must get a prince marked for death and a young, inept sorceress to safety. There’s only one problem – eluding the Butcher has never been done. Aided by a secretive soldier of fortune, they flee the relentless hunter.

 Gifted with magic and cursed by nightmares that are all too real, Tara must stop an army led by a madman and fend off an evil Being caught in a centuries-old trap who seeks to control her magic and escape through her dreams – all while keeping one step ahead of the Butcher.


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© Lori L. MacLaughlin and Writing, Reading, and the Pursuit of Dreams/Book and Sword Publishing, 2014-2015. All rights reserved.

Coming Winter 2014/2015!

Lady, Thy Name Is Trouble


Lori L. MacLaughlin

When a surprise invasion throws the kingdom of Dhanarra into chaos, swords-for-hire sisters Tara and Laraina Triannon are caught in the middle. And when they manage to escape, along with Dhanarra’s playboy prince (Laraina’s current lover) and a fledgling sorceress whose spells often go askew, the sisters find themselves at the top of the invading general’s hit list. Pursued by the Butcher, a relentless assassin more wolf than man, the Triannon sisters, with the prince and the sorceress in tow, flee to the south. Their goal – to reach the safety of the neighboring kingdom of Faragellyn to warn of the general’s plan to attack – before the Butcher gets to them. Standing in their way – miles of hostile territory, legions of enemy soldiers, and a malevolent Bog so deadly that of the few who have gone in, only one man has come out alive.

That man is Jovan Trevillion, a soldier of fortune scarred by a dark past. Drawn to him in spite of her misgivings, Tara convinces Trevillion to guide her and the others through the Bog. The Butcher, battling demons of his own, closes in. Then a near-fatal attack forces Tara to reveal her magic, long kept secret. Nightmares, caused by the use of her powers, torment her as an evil being, caught in a centuries-old trap, seeks to escape through her dreams.

Tara must find a way to stop the marauding general’s quest for vengeance, save herself and her companions from the Butcher, and somehow prevent the evil being from destroying her mind and escaping to annihilate the world of Alltyyr.



© Lori L. MacLaughlin and Writing, Reading, and the Pursuit of Dreams/Book and Sword Publishing, 2014. All rights reserved.